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The Hourly Rendevouz


90 minutes - £500 

2 hours - £600

3 hours -£700

4 hours - £800

6 hours - £1000

Additional hours - +£200

Cultivated Wilde Experiences

Breakfast In Bed - For the early riser. A chance for a bite but more than a nibble - 2.5hrs £650​

Dinner & Desserts - For the fellow foodie. A chance for a delicious meal and bedroom delights - 4.5hrs £850

From Lust To Dawn Or Dawn To Lust - For overnights or overdays. A chance to explore, relax and do it all over again - 12hrs £1500 - 16hrs £1800​

Short but Sweet - For a brief getaway. A chance to completely be together with no inhibitions - 24hrs £2500

A desirable break - When one day isn't enough, two might just do the trick. 48hrs £3000

A Long Weekend Tryst - For the creation of long lasting memories. A chance for adventure, leisure and divine intimacy - 72hrs £3500

Book your date with me.

Travel Dates: Train Or Fly Me To You

Scotland & Ireland

24 Hours (minimum)



All EU Countries 

24 Hours (minimum)


All EU Countries & Worldwide

72 Hours


7 Days Anywhere


+ £800 each additional day

To confirm our getaway, I require 100% of the travel itinerary & deposit cost to be covered so that I can make the proper travel arrangements. Business or First Class tickets are favoured but not compulsory.. A 50% deposit must be paid upfront for all bookings to be confirmed.

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