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Let's get a little more personal


Where are you based?

I am based in Milton Keynes but I am always available for bookings both incall and outcall in London, all over the UK and worldwide. 



I am British born with Nigerian ethnicity. I have lived here my whole life but was fortunate to school in the states. 

Hobbies & Interests.

My most prevalent hobby is to read and to write fictional short stories. I freelance on the side but often post my own short stories under a pseudo name on various blogs. I love the idea of getting lost in words on paper. Plus the smell of a new paperback book is orgasmic. 

I've also taken an interest in gardening and growing my own vegetables. I am lucky enough to have a farmer in my family who has been teaching me the ropes. If you couldn't imagine me in wellies and muddy hands well think again ha!

How Do I Book You?

Getting in touch with me is very quick and easy. You can contact me through my booking form, our send me an email.  

What do you provide in a booking?

My way of being in a booking is very passionate, attentive and tactile. My body is highly sensitive and I find intimacy to be all encompassing, from my head to my toes and I enjoy making my partner feel the same. Fun, carefree, openminded, natural, sensual and fiery all at once. My submissive side rears its head quite often which only intensifies the pleasure and experience for both parties. 

Do you have any fantasies?

I am a believer in doing what I love so at present I don't have any fantasies that I haven't fulfilled but that is not to say that I wouldn't mind doing them again. Private Parties are high on my list.

Screening Information.

For any first time meeting, I require a picture of your legal ID  and or 2 references as well as a deposit. These are a safety  measure and a reassurance that you're serious about meeting with me. I also like to confirm scheduled dates either by a brief phone call or text. A call is a great way to hear what I sound like and to get a mutual feel about one another before we meet.

What do you like to drink?

A true classic love of mine is a G&T, especially anything with Elderflower. In close second I do enjoy champagne and a glass of Chardonnay. I am a carefree lightweight so a small glass of tipple will likely have me giggly and even more touchy feely than usual.

Do you meet with couples?

Do I! Yes, certainly I do. I am open and bi-curious. I am comfortable with men and women, women and women as well as men and men couples. The extra person does incur an extra fee, but it's only a tiny little one. 

Are you discreet?

Your privacy as well as mine is absolutely paramount. I am nothing if not discreet and I take any information given to me in confidence with all seriousness. My email is encrypted and it is a safe way to communicate. I am familiar with NDA's and happy to sign one for those who request it.

What if I have to cancel our date?

Cancellations are normal and I can understand that it can sometimes be inevitable. In the case of where a deposit has been paid prior, the deposit would then be non-refundable and it'll stand in as a cancellation fee. If no prior deposit has been paid, a cancellation fee of £200 should be paid in good faith if the cancellation is made in less than 24 hours to the scheduled booking. If cancellation fees are not paid it could lead to me not taking any future bookings with you.


How do I know you are who you say you are?

I have a heavy twitter​ presence where I often document my daily life and post candid selfies of myself and the day to day mundane quirky things I get up to. This is guaranteed to show you I am authentic, plus it's a great way for you to get to know my true personality before we meet.

Do you tour?

I am not big on touring, neither would I completely rule it out. My general rule of thumb is Fly or Train Me To You if you want me in your City/Country. But often I get the travelling bug and I find myself visiting cities abroad. During these times I am happy to 'tour' and meet with gents while I am there.

I don't live in London or Milton Keynes, how can I still meet you?

I am available all over the UK and worldwide, I would be more than happy to travel to your location. If you are based in Scotland, Ireland or abroad, all bookings are automatically either an overnight or a 24 hour date. Please contact me for further details if you would like to discuss inviting me over to visit you.

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