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A distraction that's worth the satisfaction...


Hello there, I'm glad you have found your way to my little salacious corner in this world. 

You can call me Eve, known to be a discreet and exclusive ebony escort usually found liaising in London and wherever else I am wanted. I am a tactile and extremely flirtatious lady, always keen to tease and seduce. The kind of girl that will have you saying 'wow' upon first meeting me all the while wondering where I've been all your life. You will find that as much as I can embody the deviant vixen who makes your toes curl and sets your heart racing in the bedroom, I am also the quirky girl next door who's just as comfortable snuggling in bed with you with no make up on as we talk into the night about our hearts wants and desires. 

With my delectable ebony skin, a body made to love and be loved and a bubbly personality to keep you entertained, I offer a natural girlfriend experience that will leave a long lasting imprint on you with a yearning for more. I cater to a gentleman who is relentless in his pursuit of pleasure and excitement, a man who takes adventure by the horns and smiles at the promise of the forbidden.  

Submissive in nature, I pride myself in being able to also provide much kinkier services. I am most compatible with men who are dominant but not domineering. Attraction is more than physical and meeting with someone who you truly connect with, share moments and laughter with, is the best kind of attraction that there is. 

Our time together will always be just that, our time. Alone, or out and about you will always have my undivided attention. I await for the instance where we can truly explore one another and make those memories that last a life time.

Are you ready to yield to the temptation?​

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