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Break me. Tame me. Use me. Tease me. Abuse me. Bend me to your will. 

Submissive ebony escort

Some may say I come across as innocent but this is a complete juxtaposition to my genuine lust for the perverse. Anyone who’s met me before will already know I err on the extremely submissive side in bed.

The idea of relinquishing control and having someone else dictate my sexual pleasure, has always been a turn on for me. There is something truly and divinely erotic in giving myself over to be exploited as someone else pleases. Tie me up and throw away the key. Bend me over your knees and make me yield.

I am an authentic and eager submissive escort who truly adores being dominated by a man who knows exactly just how to use me for his pleasure. 


I do not dominate men. 

My safe word will be given upon finalised bookings.


Bellow is a list of services that I am 100% willing and able to do during our Dom/sub booking. 



    Age Play (teens)                                               Impact Play (mild)

     Bondage                                     Interracial Step Father Play (a favourite of mine)

    Body Worship                                                  Intruder Play

    Breath Play                                                     Latex & Leather Clothing 

    Consensual Non Consent.                               Master/slave Play

    Dirty Talk                                                       Nipple Play/Clamping

    Drunk/Drugged Play                                   Orgasm Denial

    Dungeon (Outcalls only)                                Race Play

    Edging                                             Roleplay (nurse, school girl, secretary etc) 

    Exhibitionism/voyeurism                                Rope/Shibari

    Face Slapping (mild)                                      Sleep Assault Play

    Face Fucking                                                  Spanking/Tied Up

    Group sex/orgies (protected)                         Total Power Exchange

    Hair Pulling                                                    Toys Play

    Humiliation                                                     Wax Play

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London ebony escorts
Submissive ebony escort

All photos are mine unless stated otherwise.

My rates for submissive bookings reflect the care needed to prep before and after an intense Dom/Sub booking. 

90 minutes - £600 (London Minimum)

2 hours - £700

3 hours - £800

4 hours - £900

6 hours - £1100

16 hour Overnight - £2000


For any longer duration please email me to discuss rates and availability.


Consider me as a judgment free zone. Your kinks are valid and I do not discriminate. If I can accommodate the kind of submissive booking you want, it’ll be my absolute pleasure to fufil your desires.


Please note all Outcall bookings require a deposit & ID to be sent. 


Hoping to be thoroughly dominated by you soon ;)

Submissive ebony escort
Submissive black escort
High end submissive ebony escorts

All photos are mine unless stated otherwise.

Submissive black escorts
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