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Booking Your First Ebony GFE London Escort.

The time has come for you to take the plunge and finally book your very first Ebony Escort, that beautiful woman that you've had your eye on. You're filled with a little nerves but more than anything, pure excitement. I can't blame you, meeting with one of us is nothing short of phenomenal bliss and I say that with a confidence backed from the words of past loves.

A busty ebony British escort based in London.
Eve Wilde Ebony GFE Escort

Now I imagine that you've found said escort and she offers everything you dream of and more. She promises a true GFE experience, her personality shines on her social media pages such as twitter, her website is detailed and professional, you just get the feeling that she's the real deal and you're ready to get your desired booking sorted.

First things first, have a browse and see how she prefers to be contacted. Does she have a 'Book Me' page on her site? Does she have an email link on her site or social media page? A phone number? Find this out first as it's essential you contact her in the way she as explicitly stated she likes as there's nothing worse than having your phone ring when your preferred method of contact is an email!

Because I want you to succeed in contacting your first black escort, I will give you all the tips and tricks that make our toes curl in joy and anticipation from that very first contact from you. All of this would be made easier if she has.a booking form for contact, but if she doesn't use this guideline.

Start with a sweet introduction, let us know your name, your age and even include where you found us (always appreciated). A lot of us do not require information pertaining to your race or your weight or height, we care more about the personality of the man behind the email and less about his looks. We're happy being the beautiful woman on your arm ha!

Next you want to let us know about your date enquiry, what day, what time, what location and what duration. Then, include any vital information about said date such as name of hotel, name of restaurant, any activities you'd like to include in the date. If it's a trip away provide a small itinerary and ask her opinion on things suggested etc. Whatever you think is important for her to know, include it within but keep it short and sweet, you want her to know exactly what you have planned for the date but you don't want her to feel like she's reading a novel.

Now, a very important inclusion is your screening information. A lot of us GFE escorts will require real world information from you. Do not fret, discretion is guaranteed but you cannot be anonymous from us. It is paramount that we feel safe and secure when we meet with you and. having your information goes a very long way with that. Any escort worth her salt will pride herself on her ability to be discreet and will keep all details shared with her absolutely confidential. With that said, attach a picture of your ID and ask how she will want a deposit sent. Her website might state this but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Feel free to steal my guideline below

Hi (name of escort),

I hope this email finds you well.

My name is ... I am (age) ... I found you on ... and I would love to book a date with you.

Please let me know your availability for (date), at (time), for (duration). I'll be staying at (location), and would like you to meet me there. (include any other vital information about said date here)

I know you require some screening information so please find attached my ID and also let me how and where you would like the deposit paid.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


(Your Name)

The above is guaranteed to get you that date! I wish you luck and success.If perchance you would love to book said date with yours truly, I'd love nothing more than to welcome you into my world. Take the plunge!


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